Torpedo Away Screenshot

New, FREE, iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad Game "Torpedo Away!" Now Available on the iTunes App Store.

Mobile game developer Fiddly Bits Software announces the release of its FREE, action-packed, iPod Touch/iPhone/ iPad game "Torpedo Away!" to the iTunes App Store.

Prowl the waters of the South Pacific during WWII. Engage in unrestricted submarine warfare against the merchant and naval vessels of the enemy. And most importantly, survive to tell the tale!

Stalk, target and destroy your enemy's ships. Avoid the inevitable, massive depth charge retaliation.

"Torpedo Away!" puts you in command of a US Navy Gato class submarine circa 1943, and provides you a target rich environment. The rest is up to you. Just make sure YOU are not the one who ends up down in Davy Jones' Locker!

This FREE, universal app supports iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch devices running IOS 4.2+. Retina graphics supported. Includes Game Center integration.